Leave the Long Miles to the Machines, We’ll Personally Handle Your Local Hauling in St. Paul, MN

That title could one day be the source for a future marketing slogan for some trucking firm, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be Strategic Transportation of St. Paul, MN.

As tech talk and testing heats up for autonomous vehicles, including big rigs, the ride-hailing service known as Uber is suggesting that self-driving semis could be a boon for local truckers.

Here’s how the thinking goes: Autonomous trucks can go much longer distances without the worry of electronic monitoring devices, which reduce the length of time drivers can spend on the road in a given day.

The way Uber envisions things, most human trucking jobs would be needed by local haulers. They figure the number of those jobs would rise because the automation of long hauling would become more efficient.

At Strategic Transportation, we’ll allow technology and your opinion of that proposal to be your guide as to whether it’s a viable idea.

We’ll argue that not all hauling jobs come in standard shapes and sizes. There’s a human factor that cannot be automated away when cargoes of certain shapes and sizes need a personal touch, regardless of whether you’re going across town or across the country. Strategic Transportation is ready to help it happen on your timetable.

We also partner with Strategic Warehousing to offer you storage space and a convenience advantage that most transportation companies simply cannot match. This is especially helpful if you have special demands in fulfilling the last-mile for certain orders. We’re ready to assist and lend our considerable expertise.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a personalized transportation experience that fits your needs in St. Paul, MN and the rest of the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310, and we’ll help you create the perfect transportation strategy for all of your goods and cargo.

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