Refrigerated Transportation Services in Minneapolis, MN

At some point, the time will come for you to transport food, equipment, or other goods that require cold storage. The frigid Minnesota weather will only do so much good though before your cargo requires consistently exceptional refrigerated transportation in Minneapolis, MN.


That’s why Strategic Transportation is your No. 1 destination for all your refrigerated transportation needs. A trucking company focused on ensuring clients’ cargo is in safe hands at all times, Strategic Transportation can assist you with any and all needs pertaining to cold storage and transportation that you’ve been wanting or needing.


Well-versed in services such as LTL Freight, Dry Van, and Expedited Air International Freight, our trucking company helps you keep your transportation materials cold and your clients satisfied.


A successful transportation job can be the difference between happy clients and clients who terminate their relationships with you. Our truck company wants to ensure the former is the outcome every single time.


Our refrigerated trucking services consist of cross-docking, expedited transportation, heavy haul transportation, and more. All of our services are carried out by CDL truck drivers who are committed to your satisfaction and a job well done.


Strategic Transportation is committed to satisfying its customers in carrying out the job while showing the full extent of its expertise with transportation project management. Our proud partnership with Strategic Warehousing also lets us cater to our clients by providing them with the most storage space possible.


No matter the industry or size of cargo, we’ll answer your call. Exceptional service leads to happy clients, and we’ve seen those results firsthand with our experienced truck drivers and intermodal transportation services. We’re confident in our methods of making our clients happy, and we know it will be no different with you on our team.


If you’re in the market for refrigerated transportation services in or from Minneapolis, MN, whether it’s a 100- or 500-mile trip, let us take the driving out of the equation so you can focus on your task at hand. Just one call to (651) 433-7310 allows you to do what’s most important to you while we can take care of the refrigerated transportation.