Truck Drivers Strategic Thinking is Required to Fund Needed Highway Repairs in St. Paul, MN

Truck drivers seem to agree that roadways in St. Paul, MN and around the region need either repairs or expansion. How to pay for these improvements, however, is another matter.

Recently, President Donald Trump announced his infrastructure plan. It would repeal the federal ban on tolling existing interstates. The Minnesota Department of Transportation also released a tolling study that examines the idea of expanding what’s already being done on a limited basis on a few state roads.

Most truck drivers are familiar with what’s called the MnPass system, which is found on three Twin Cities area highways. While the Minnesota Department of Transportation considers it a toll, it’s more of a way to cut down on congestion on the busiest of roadways rather than a way to pay for their repairs.

MnDOT’s study considers tolls to be a possible fix for roads. The research looks at various scenarios for tolls on different types of highways throughout the state, including Interstates 35 and 94 in the metro. It also includes Highways 169, 610, and Highway 52 to Rochester.

The state estimates it could raise anywhere from $200 million to nearly $3 billion to reinvest in roads over a 30-year period. But trucking industry supporters and other business interests are not excited about the idea of paying new taxes and dealing with the disruption of toll booths.

The resulting rise in costs for shipping companies like Strategic Transportation of St. Paul would inevitably be passed on to consumers. It’s why critics think Congress should be encouraged to take action and pass a fuel tax increase. Supporters maintain it’s the easiest and fairest way of funding infrastructure repairs or road expansion.

While there’s much to debate about possible tolls and private partnerships, there’s no question your businesses shipping needs will get even more scrutiny as a part of the professional consultation that comes with considering a move by Strategic Transportation.

We’re all about constructing a personalized transportation experience that fits your needs in St. Paul and the rest of the country. We also have reliable truck drivers that will safely transport your cargo from point A to point B. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310. We may not be able to solve the issue of infrastructure funding, but we’ll help you keep costs under control while creating the perfect transportation strategy for all of your goods and cargo.

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