What’s Your Strategy to Capture a Piece of the Holiday Rush in Minneapolis, MN?

Nearly one in five retail sales this year will be made during the holidays. Think about it for a moment; that’s trillions of dollars and likely enough to fill the Mall of America near Minneapolis, Minnesota with dollar bills.

While it’s a pile of money, it’s also a huge amount of work for all the people who handle transportation, storage, and logistics. In short, it’s the unknown heroes who make sure the goodies are where they should be and can be delivered quickly when you’re ready to buy for that special someone this holiday season.

In order to meet that bulge in consumer demand, it pays to have friends. Friends who can get the items everyone wants, and get them to where they need to be on-time. A friend who can offer transportation options, flexible warehouse space, and take care of the logistics details while you focus on running your business.

Strategic Transportation in the Minneapolis area is your behind-the-scenes champion as you begin satisfying the many customers ready to buy now and who’ll probably return or exchange those goods as the holidays come to an end. Reverse logistics, as it’s called, is no small matter when you figure that around 60% of Americans receive unwanted gifts during the holidays, and about half of those people decide to return those gifts.

How will you handle this seasonal challenge? Strategic is ready to consult with you about your company’s needs. Our team of specialists can then build a custom plan to fit your logistics plans and business goals.

Strategic Transportation and Warehousing is about creating a personalized transport and storage experience that precisely fits your needs in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you create the perfect transport and warehouse strategy for all your goods and cargo.