A Trucking Company Meeting the Needs of E-Commerce Customers in Minneapolis, MN

Strategic Transportation is about meeting your needs; we’re your trucking company in the Minneapolis, MN, area that can be flexible enough to handle partial loads, specialized assignments, or even the needs of e-commerce.

The new generation of customers prefers ordering whatever they want online and having it delivered. It’s reflected in the annual growth numbers of e-commerce sales; 13-16% for e-commerce is certainly better than 1-5% for traditional retail.

Strategic Transportation prides itself in being able to adapt and meet the needs of nearly any customer. The demand for faster delivery within a few days is also prompting retailers to take a hard look at locating their inventory closer to customers.

Modern e-commerce consumers say that quick delivery and cost are big factors when it comes to selecting the products they want and who they ultimately buy from.

For trucking companies, it’s creating a demand for “Last Mile Fulfillment Centers.” These are facilities where inventory can be stored, but also receive some additional handling before it’s delivered, if needed.

Strategic Transportation is ready with a solution to both challenges. By offering third-party logistics services through our partner Strategic Warehousing, we’re not only close to where those products need to be delivered, we have flexible storage options and transportation solutions ready to fit your needs.

This becomes even more convenient when you figure that up to a third of all online orders end up being returned compared to traditional retail store purchases. All the more reason to go with a firm that can handle the reverse logistics needed to easily make those returns a reality.

It’s among several reasons why a trucking company like Strategic Transportation is ready to handle virtually any challenge. We can deliver not only small orders, but custom jobs of varying complexity. From dry van deliveries of any distance, to partial and full truckloads. We’re even prepared to manage over-sized or overweight shipments. Strategic also offers expedited air freight and air international services.

Strategic Transportation trucking company is strategic on the road, helping you fulfill the demand for e-commerce orders quickly. We want to provide a quality transportation experience for you that fits your needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation experience for you.