A Bumpy Start for ELDs Could Make for a Long Summer for Truck Drivers in Minneapolis, MN

If federal regulators thought the addition of electronic gizmos would solve all the issues behind logging hours of service and driver fatigue, they’re getting heat as hot as a sizzling summer’s day from some trucking companies in Minneapolis, MN and elsewhere.

As what’s known as strict enforcement enters its third month, many truckers are still trying to get Electronic Logging Devices in their cabs to work. Some digital trackers aren’t able to offer accurate locations, miles, or hours, while some just don’t work at all.

Non-functioning devices aren’t exactly an option when you figure commercial vehicle inspectors can place a trucker without an ELD out of service for 10 hours. Truck drivers without a working device, whether it’s due to technical issues or not, are facing the same penalties.

To make matters worse, manufacturer support lines are understaffed, and problems usually happen while on the road. Truck drivers have 8 days to get back into compliance or they could risk being cited for using a non-working ELD.

The ELD requirement was initiated to help enforce the federal hours-of-service rule. It limits time behind the wheel for truckers to no more than 11 hours a day, within a 14-hour workday. Truck drivers must be off duty for 10 consecutive hours to round out a 24-hour day.

Violations can also affect a driver’s safety score. Truckers face a five-point penalty if they don’t have an ELD and lose another two points if they’re placed out of service.

Another issue has to do with the transfer of data showing driver hours for commercial inspectors to review on the road. If the information is recorded correctly, everything is fine. But some truck drivers have opted to continue to fill out a logbook as a method of paper backup.

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