Strategic Transportation Means Helping You With Proactive Delivery in Minneapolis, MN

Are we there yet? How many times have you heard that line while taking the family on a road trip? While there aren’t any lasting penalties for repeatedly saying “no” to family members, the same cannot be said for retailers and shipping companies in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s a strategic transportation question for shippers, especially those with goods in transit and trying to satisfy customers who expect “proactive delivery.” Along with promises about cost, consumers expect proactive updates on the shipment of their products and demand retailers quickly address any delivery issues should they arise.

It’s another example of how e-commerce continues to transform traditional transportation models as it creates more real-time demand and higher expectations. Those consumer demands for more information can only be met by a transporter who believes in using data to ensure fast, fair, and effective deliveries.

Even though Strategic Transportation is based out of Minneapolis, we’re just as committed to providing proactive delivery to our customers across town as we are about getting goods moved across the country. The size or shape of the load is no object; we accept loads from any industry.

Our freight transportation experts use modern machinery and technology to proactively anticipate potential problems and plan around them. We also partner with Strategic Warehousing to offer you storage space and a convenience advantage that most transportation companies simply cannot match.

We’re ready to offer you a professional consultation to get an idea of your needs. Let us worry about potential delays and problems with freight efficiency; we’re ready to make your shipment happen on your schedule with proactive delivery.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a personalized transportation experience that fits your needs in Minneapolis, MN and the rest of the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you create the perfect transportation strategy for all your goods and cargo.