Here’s How Flatbed Transportation Services Can Benefit Your Company in the St. Paul, MN, Area

Many companies are interested in the best ways to deliver freight and cargo. Flatbed transportation services in and around the St. Paul, MN, area are the most practical and advantageous ways to transport large and bulky goods.


Flatbed trucks have several advantages over the use of vans or trucks in the transportation of various goods, especially if a business needs to swiftly deliver items. Here are some of the main advantages of flatbed transportation services.


  • Versatility: Since flatbed trucks do not have any walls, freight is able to be loaded and unloaded from the sides, rear, or tip. This means a flatbed can carry a wide variety of items while still ensuring an easy delivery process. Drivers can also rely on drop decks and extended goosenecks to increase the scope of goods that can be delivered. Fast unloading and loading processes keep trucks on the road longer. This means items can make it to their final destination in less time.
  • Additional Security: The lack of truck walls on a flatbed trailer means drivers use coil racks, chains, and traps to secure cargo and prevent it from shifting around. This ensures a company’s freight safely makes it to its destination.
  • Convenient Loading: Many truck drivers have to load and unload their vehicles by hand or with a team of manual laborers. Freight loaded and unloaded on a flatbed trailer is moved around with a crane or winch. This keeps cargo secure and allows it to be moved quickly and conveniently. Since flatbeds do not need a loading dock, items can be moved off the vehicle in virtually any location.
  • Reduce Shipping Costs: Flatbed trucks are a great option for companies that are looking to save money on shipping. Their size and versatility allow a driver to carry a wide variety of materials, like lumber and other equipment, in a single trip. Fewer deliveries save a company money and also help to ensure projects are completed on time since materials are on hand for workers to use.


For professional and reliable flatbed transportations services in the St. Paul, MN, area, you can trust the team at Strategic Transportation to move items quickly and safely.

Our team understands no two businesses are alike and it is prepared to specifically tailor our services to your needs and preferences.

We are known for our reliability and dependability, and look forward to working with each of our clients. Give our freight management logistics team a call at (503) 968-2080 so we can efficiently move your goods.

Refrigerated Transportation Services in Minneapolis, MN

At some point, the time will come for you to transport food, equipment, or other goods that require cold storage. The frigid Minnesota weather will only do so much good though before your cargo requires consistently exceptional refrigerated transportation in Minneapolis, MN.


That’s why Strategic Transportation is your No. 1 destination for all your refrigerated transportation needs. A trucking company focused on ensuring clients’ cargo is in safe hands at all times, Strategic Transportation can assist you with any and all needs pertaining to cold storage and transportation that you’ve been wanting or needing.


Well-versed in services such as LTL Freight, Dry Van, and Expedited Air International Freight, our trucking company helps you keep your transportation materials cold and your clients satisfied.


A successful transportation job can be the difference between happy clients and clients who terminate their relationships with you. Our truck company wants to ensure the former is the outcome every single time.


Our refrigerated trucking services consist of cross-docking, expedited transportation, heavy haul transportation, and more. All of our services are carried out by CDL truck drivers who are committed to your satisfaction and a job well done.


Strategic Transportation is committed to satisfying its customers in carrying out the job while showing the full extent of its expertise with transportation project management. Our proud partnership with Strategic Warehousing also lets us cater to our clients by providing them with the most storage space possible.


No matter the industry or size of cargo, we’ll answer your call. Exceptional service leads to happy clients, and we’ve seen those results firsthand with our experienced truck drivers and intermodal transportation services. We’re confident in our methods of making our clients happy, and we know it will be no different with you on our team.


If you’re in the market for refrigerated transportation services in or from Minneapolis, MN, whether it’s a 100- or 500-mile trip, let us take the driving out of the equation so you can focus on your task at hand. Just one call to (651) 433-7310 allows you to do what’s most important to you while we can take care of the refrigerated transportation.

It Pays to Rely on a Strategic Thinking Transportation Company in St. Paul, MN

There’s more to loading up a truck and taking it across town in St. Paul, MN. Strategic Transportation Company knows it’s smart to consider a few other factors before those big wheels turn, and the most important factors can be summed up in one word: logistics.

Strategic Transportation Company is all about delivering your valuables in the most timely and efficient way. It follows that some serious logistical thinking is done before your cargo logs its first mile in St. Paul.

We start by creating a personalized strategy that fits your business and the sort of cargo you’re trying to deliver in the metro and surrounding region. It’s even more important to think about each part of your load’s journey during the warmer months around St. Paul. Road construction season is legendary in these parts: from traffic tie-ups to detours to closed bridges, this year is sure to leave behind those who did not plan ahead by mapping the best routes.

It’s all about saving you time and money while delivering on the promises we’ve made to get your goods to where they need to be on schedule. Maybe your plans include some temporary storage, and Strategic Transportation Company is ready to offer you warehouse space. Even if you have dry product or your goods are perishable, we have the climate-controlled space you need.

Technology is our friend when it comes to coordinating shipments, and every movement counts. Our logistics services can be summed up in two words: smart and simple. We communicate with drivers in real time to adjust for road construction or any other conditions that might hold up your important cargo.

Strategic Transportation Company offers a level of professionalism and expertise you’ll quickly grow to appreciate and rely on. We want to create a valuable transportation company experience for you that fits your needs in St. Paul, MN, and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation Company today at (651) 433-7310, and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation company experience for you.

A Trucking Company Meeting the Needs of E-Commerce Customers in Minneapolis, MN

Strategic Transportation is about meeting your needs; we’re your trucking company in the Minneapolis, MN, area that can be flexible enough to handle partial loads, specialized assignments, or even the needs of e-commerce.

The new generation of customers prefers ordering whatever they want online and having it delivered. It’s reflected in the annual growth numbers of e-commerce sales; 13-16% for e-commerce is certainly better than 1-5% for traditional retail.

Strategic Transportation prides itself in being able to adapt and meet the needs of nearly any customer. The demand for faster delivery within a few days is also prompting retailers to take a hard look at locating their inventory closer to customers.

Modern e-commerce consumers say that quick delivery and cost are big factors when it comes to selecting the products they want and who they ultimately buy from.

For trucking companies, it’s creating a demand for “Last Mile Fulfillment Centers.” These are facilities where inventory can be stored, but also receive some additional handling before it’s delivered, if needed.

Strategic Transportation is ready with a solution to both challenges. By offering third-party logistics services through our partner Strategic Warehousing, we’re not only close to where those products need to be delivered, we have flexible storage options and transportation solutions ready to fit your needs.

This becomes even more convenient when you figure that up to a third of all online orders end up being returned compared to traditional retail store purchases. All the more reason to go with a firm that can handle the reverse logistics needed to easily make those returns a reality.

It’s among several reasons why a trucking company like Strategic Transportation is ready to handle virtually any challenge. We can deliver not only small orders, but custom jobs of varying complexity. From dry van deliveries of any distance, to partial and full truckloads. We’re even prepared to manage over-sized or overweight shipments. Strategic also offers expedited air freight and air international services.

Strategic Transportation trucking company is strategic on the road, helping you fulfill the demand for e-commerce orders quickly. We want to provide a quality transportation experience for you that fits your needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation experience for you.

Strategic Thinking Could Put a Dent in Distracted Truck Driving in Minneapolis, MN


You’ve seen them going down the highway in Minneapolis and elsewhere; drivers weaving because they’re splitting time watching the road and staring at their cell phones. It’s scary enough when those distracted people are controlling cars; it’s even worse when it comes to truck driving.

According to the latest numbers available, distracted driving was linked to nearly 3,500 deaths on American roadways in 2016. That’s almost one in ten motor vehicle deaths for that year. Nearly half of U.S. workers admit they’ve done work-related communications while driving— not just phone calls, but emails and texts as well. This happens despite local laws. For interstate truck drivers, handheld cell phone use or texting while driving is illegal. But it’s hard not to want to see who that last text came from.

A potential solution for trucking companies like Strategic Transportation requires some extra thought and technology. In one case, a partnership between VOXX Advanced Solutions and Motion Intelligence is offering truck driver safety technology to prevent distracted truck driving in fleet and even passenger vehicles.

The device would make truck driving safer by detecting and disabling device screens within the area where the truck driver sits. When a smart device is detected in a forbidden area, the technology will prevent an operator from texting, using social media, or any other apps while the vehicle is moving.

It’s the sort of strategic thinking you can expect from Strategic Transportation, which is ready to partner with you to deliver not only small orders but custom jobs of varying complexity. Whether it’s dry van deliveries of any distance, partial or full truckloads, over-sized or overweight shipments, or heavy hauls with unusual loads and height, we can handle the order. Strategic also offers expedited air freight and air international services.

Strategic Transportation is strategic by design when it comes to dealing with growing delivery challenges and adopting new technologies. We want to create a transportation experience for you that fits your needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation strategy for you.

Delivery Trends Favor Logistics When Dealing with Congested Areas Like St. Paul, MN

While there’s plenty of talk these days about remotely controlling platoons of driverless trucks and doing a better job of competing with rail, there’s no substitute for the way Strategic Transportation uses logistics for delivery in St. Paul, MN and other parts of the region.

In this growing age of e-commerce, the trend is toward smaller packages. This quite naturally favors trucking over rail, especially when delivering in a metro area. Just how much will the demand for parcel deliveries increase over the next decade? Some predict it could be double or triple what we’re used to today.

That’s not good when you figure highway congestion is expected to rise sharply over the next 25 years. More dedicated funding is required to pay for highway expansions and repairs. Whether that will be achieved through higher fuel taxes or other user fees is anyone’s guess.

Will what’s known as ride sharing also include a version of package delivery in the future? It’s not clear that alternative or autonomous cars will really offer a reliable solution, and experts believe it just might make the anticipated traffic hassles even worse. Regardless of how trends change, Strategic Transportation is ready with our logistics services.

There really is no substitute for strategic thinking about these issues, and Strategic Transportation is ready to help with custom logistics for your needs. Geared toward getting around transportation and warehousing issues, we use the latest technology to not only track your shipment but to also anticipate problems that might prevent it from arriving on-time.

It’s a lot of opportunity for Strategic Transportation. From dry van deliveries, both short and long distances, to partial and full truckloads, we can nimbly deliver not only small orders but custom jobs of varying complexity. Maybe a flatbed is needed to handle over-sized or overweight shipments. We also have heavy haul capability for intense loads and height.

If it’s something that needs to be there even faster, Strategic has expedited air freight and air international services. Not only do we have the transportation options, but we also have the logistics to manage all of your deliveries, ensuring they arrive safely and on time.

Strategic Transportation is strategic by design when it comes to dealing with the growing delivery challenges e-commerce and infrastructure create these days. We want to create a transportation experience for you that fits your needs in St. Paul, MN and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation strategy for you.

Good Transportation Solutions Require Transportation Project Management in Minneapolis, MN

It’s not enough to say we’ll have it there. Don’t get us wrong, Strategic Transportation is ready to deliver any cargo, on-time; whether the job is in Minneapolis, MN, or anywhere coast to coast. But making sure it gets there with the latest tools and know-how is the sort of the task that requires transportation project management and maybe a few extra tools that are no further away than that smartphone in your hand.

While ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to go safely and on time requires experienced transportation project management, there are other tools that can help professional drivers available! From the best way to monitoring fuel prices to where there’s a good place to park, there are a bunch of apps that can aid professional drivers these days and make things just a little easier if the delivery is a local job or headed to a far corner of the country.

Not all GPS applications are created equal. It’s nice to have some calculators to help you figure out the size of your vehicle and the type of load you’re hauling. The right GPS apps can help drivers and managers find a way around weight limits and even hazardous route restrictions that could prove to be real time and fuel wasters.

Among several GPS apps on the market geared for truck drivers: SmartTruckRoute and CoPilot get high marks for the ways they can help navigate unforeseen problems big-rigs can face.

There’s also something to be said for avoiding time wasters while on the road. The Drivewyze PreClear Bypass app can save drivers weigh station hassles. The subscription-based system gives drivers alerts as they approach scales and allows many to bypass based on a fleet’s safety score.

While we’re talking weight, the Weigh My Truck app from CAT Scale Company allows truckers to visit a scale and weigh-in without leaving their cab. They can also use Penske’s Locator to find the nearest scale.

In the age of the electronic monitoring there is nothing more important than knowing where to pull over. Several apps like Road Breakers are ready to offer stop suggestions. The Travel Centers of America/Petro Stopping Centers app known as TruckSmart is also a handy solution.

Of course, you’ll need to think strategically about your fuel. Gas Buddy is a way to find cheaper fuel prices near you. The FleetAdvance Mobile app from the well-known fuel-card provider Comdata also allows their clients to search for the lowest prices nearby.

Strategic Transportation will create a personalized transportation plan and a transportation project management strategy to ensure your goods are transported safely and on time in Minneapolis and across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and just like many of the apps we just mentioned, we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation strategy for you.

Holiday Delivery Demands Require Transportation Companies in St. Paul, MN to be Strategic

Santa isn’t the only person who delivers during the holiday season. He’s getting a big assist this year from transportation companies like Strategic Transportation of St. Paul, Minnesota.

From what we’ve heard, Old Saint Nick is glad to have a little extra help from transportation companies in what is forecast to be a better-than-average Christmas season in the midst of a strong economy.

It’s an economy that’s forcing strategic thinking among retailers and transportation companies. Many are struggling to find and hire the help they need to handle store traffic and fulfill orders that must be shipped to places around St. Paul and other parts of the country.

Strategic Transportation knows that good help is hard to find, especially good, experienced drivers to handle all the demands retailers and grocers will have to satisfy if customers are going to make a certain meal or find that must-have gift to make a special someone smile this holiday.

We’re ready to help with all the standard-sized cargo that could possibly fit in Santa’s sleigh plus unexpected treasures like perishable foods, half-loads, and really odd-sized deliveries. It takes flexibility, expertise, and a willingness to ensure your needs are properly assessed so the job can be done safely and on schedule.

It’s the kind of strategic thinking you can expect from Strategic Transportation. We’re known for taking the time to understand your goals, anticipate delays of all kinds, and fulfill our promises.

Despite the tight labor market, we’re also always looking for experienced drivers who share our drive and commitment to exceed expectations and deliver.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a personalized transportation experience that fits your business needs in St. Paul and other destinations across the country, no matter what sort of challenges the holidays and the New Year manage to put in your way. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you deliver the perfect transportation strategy.

Trucking Companies are Finding Delivery Solutions in Minneapolis, MN

There’s a lot of hand wringing these days over what’s simply called a “driver shortage.” There aren’t enough qualified truck drivers to handle all the delivery demands of trucking companies in Minneapolis and nationwide.


It’s easy to point fingers and suggest there are too many older truck drivers and too many of them are retiring. But as other trucking companies have suggested, maybe there isn’t a truck driver shortage, but instead a shortage of drivers willing to work for the prevailing wage.


In most cases truck drivers are paid based on miles driven, as opposed to being compensated for all the work they do. In some cases, they can spend valuable hours waiting for warehouse workers to load or unload their truck. It can be lost time and wages.


But that isn’t the full story of frustration; rising congestion around metro areas like Minneapolis are a big source of wasted time. Road work, like the I-35 rebuild in Minneapolis, crashes and unpredictable weather can create unpredictable traffic headaches at any time.


It’s where you’ll find value in the nimble thinking found at Strategic Transportation of Minneapolis. We’re known for taking the time to understand your goals and ensuring your shipments arrive on-time.


Along with a number of transport services that include dry vans and air freight, we also back those options up with logistic services and consultations.


Communication is crucial because coordinating shipments and transportation can become complicated, especially if your cargo has different requirements. Strategic Transportation excels at creating an individualized transportation strategy to ensure your cargo gets to where it needs to be when it needs to be there and in good condition.


Our competitive pricing; skilled drivers and personnel make working with Strategic a safe and reliable choice and sets us apart from other trucking companies.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a delivery experience that fits your business’s needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you deliver the perfect transportation strategy.


Find a Trucking Company That Handles Loads of All Sizes in St. Paul, MN

What’s your need and when does it need to be there? Those are among the most important questions Strategic Transportation, an experienced trucking company, has for clients who are ready to deliver in the St. Paul, Minnesota area.

Strategic Transportation believes in being nimble in order to satisfy needs and loads of all shapes and sizes. One area that appears to be a growing trend is the move toward smaller shipments brought on by the phenomenal growth of e-commerce.

We’re able to handle less-than-truckload jobs that involve smaller shipment sizes over shorter distances. We’re also ready to meet the requirements of customers who demand high-quality service.

Simply put, it’s what you need, when you need it. If your firm needs more than hauling, Strategic Transportation can deliver. We’re ready to offer several options and expert consultation to ensure your shipments are delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Location is also important. While Strategic calls St. Paul and the Twin Cities area home, we have space and delivery partners nationwide to ensure your valuable shipment arrives when it should.

We also use the latest technology to assist us in making the best decisions, whether in the cab or at one of our many warehouse facilities.

It’s a perfect set-up if your business is ready to excel in final-mile deliveries. We take care of you with superior planning and management so you can take excellent care of your customers.

That’s the sort of thinking you can expect from a trucking company like Strategic Transportation of St. Paul. We’re known for taking the time to understand your goals and ensuring your shipments arrive on-time.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a personalized transportation experience that fits your business needs in St. Paul and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you deliver the perfect transportation strategy.