Trucking Companies are Finding Delivery Solutions in Minneapolis, MN

There’s a lot of hand wringing these days over what’s simply called a “driver shortage.” There aren’t enough qualified truck drivers to handle all the delivery demands of trucking companies in Minneapolis and nationwide.


It’s easy to point fingers and suggest there are too many older truck drivers and too many of them are retiring. But as other trucking companies have suggested, maybe there isn’t a truck driver shortage, but instead a shortage of drivers willing to work for the prevailing wage.


In most cases truck drivers are paid based on miles driven, as opposed to being compensated for all the work they do. In some cases, they can spend valuable hours waiting for warehouse workers to load or unload their truck. It can be lost time and wages.


But that isn’t the full story of frustration; rising congestion around metro areas like Minneapolis are a big source of wasted time. Road work, like the I-35 rebuild in Minneapolis, crashes and unpredictable weather can create unpredictable traffic headaches at any time.


It’s where you’ll find value in the nimble thinking found at Strategic Transportation of Minneapolis. We’re known for taking the time to understand your goals and ensuring your shipments arrive on-time.


Along with a number of transport services that include dry vans and air freight, we also back those options up with logistic services and consultations.


Communication is crucial because coordinating shipments and transportation can become complicated, especially if your cargo has different requirements. Strategic Transportation excels at creating an individualized transportation strategy to ensure your cargo gets to where it needs to be when it needs to be there and in good condition.


Our competitive pricing; skilled drivers and personnel make working with Strategic a safe and reliable choice and sets us apart from other trucking companies.

Strategic Transportation is about creating a delivery experience that fits your business’s needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you deliver the perfect transportation strategy.