Strategic Thinking Could Put a Dent in Distracted Truck Driving in Minneapolis, MN


You’ve seen them going down the highway in Minneapolis and elsewhere; drivers weaving because they’re splitting time watching the road and staring at their cell phones. It’s scary enough when those distracted people are controlling cars; it’s even worse when it comes to truck driving.

According to the latest numbers available, distracted driving was linked to nearly 3,500 deaths on American roadways in 2016. That’s almost one in ten motor vehicle deaths for that year. Nearly half of U.S. workers admit they’ve done work-related communications while driving— not just phone calls, but emails and texts as well. This happens despite local laws. For interstate truck drivers, handheld cell phone use or texting while driving is illegal. But it’s hard not to want to see who that last text came from.

A potential solution for trucking companies like Strategic Transportation requires some extra thought and technology. In one case, a partnership between VOXX Advanced Solutions and Motion Intelligence is offering truck driver safety technology to prevent distracted truck driving in fleet and even passenger vehicles.

The device would make truck driving safer by detecting and disabling device screens within the area where the truck driver sits. When a smart device is detected in a forbidden area, the technology will prevent an operator from texting, using social media, or any other apps while the vehicle is moving.

It’s the sort of strategic thinking you can expect from Strategic Transportation, which is ready to partner with you to deliver not only small orders but custom jobs of varying complexity. Whether it’s dry van deliveries of any distance, partial or full truckloads, over-sized or overweight shipments, or heavy hauls with unusual loads and height, we can handle the order. Strategic also offers expedited air freight and air international services.

Strategic Transportation is strategic by design when it comes to dealing with growing delivery challenges and adopting new technologies. We want to create a transportation experience for you that fits your needs in Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help deliver the perfect transportation strategy for you.