Think Strategically About Your Next Shipping Move in Minneapolis, MN

Ever watch a train go by and wonder where all the cargo onboard goes after it reaches its destination? If it’s headed to Minneapolis, MN, it might already be the subject of some strategic transportation and thinking.

Not everything that’s loaded onto a truck at a railyard is headed to a local store right away. Chances are someone’s done some thinking, and maybe that cargo is headed to one of several places in the Twin Cities managed by our partner company known as a Strategic Warehousing.

It’s a safe, controlled environment for valuable inventory that could range from a few pallets to a full warehouse.  The key is keeping things simple and smart. You might also say flexible, too, because Strategic Warehousing is ready to go with your flow depending on your company’s needs and just how busy you get.

It’s what makes Strategic Transportation your one-stop-shop for everything you might need to get your shipments to where they need to be without any hassle. We’re innovative about inventory control and tracking, we believe in research and planning, and we’re also mindful of your needs when it comes to hauling your important cargo.

The key is offering you the best drivers to manage our trucks and deliver your freight. This helps avoid common issues like missed deadlines, unfamiliarity with certain vehicles, and other avoidable errors. We combine this with a flexibility that not only includes short or regional transport, but smart storage solutions as well.

Whether your needs range from dry van services to partial and full truckloads, we can handle it. Need to get it there now? Air Freight is a sure way to handle tight deadlines.

Do you have other special delivery needs like a flatbed, step deck, heavy haul, or a strange sized, special load? Please call us to check on truck availability and request a quote.

Strategic Transportation and Warehousing is about creating a personalized transport and storage experience that specifically fits you and your needs in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Call Strategic Transportation today at (651) 433-7310 and we’ll help you create the perfect transport strategy for all your goods and cargo.


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