Here’s How Flatbed Transportation Services Can Benefit Your Company in the St. Paul, MN, Area

Many companies are interested in the best ways to deliver freight and cargo. Flatbed transportation services in and around the St. Paul, MN, area are the most practical and advantageous ways to transport large and bulky goods.


Flatbed trucks have several advantages over the use of vans or trucks in the transportation of various goods, especially if a business needs to swiftly deliver items. Here are some of the main advantages of flatbed transportation services.


  • Versatility: Since flatbed trucks do not have any walls, freight is able to be loaded and unloaded from the sides, rear, or tip. This means a flatbed can carry a wide variety of items while still ensuring an easy delivery process. Drivers can also rely on drop decks and extended goosenecks to increase the scope of goods that can be delivered. Fast unloading and loading processes keep trucks on the road longer. This means items can make it to their final destination in less time.
  • Additional Security: The lack of truck walls on a flatbed trailer means drivers use coil racks, chains, and traps to secure cargo and prevent it from shifting around. This ensures a company’s freight safely makes it to its destination.
  • Convenient Loading: Many truck drivers have to load and unload their vehicles by hand or with a team of manual laborers. Freight loaded and unloaded on a flatbed trailer is moved around with a crane or winch. This keeps cargo secure and allows it to be moved quickly and conveniently. Since flatbeds do not need a loading dock, items can be moved off the vehicle in virtually any location.
  • Reduce Shipping Costs: Flatbed trucks are a great option for companies that are looking to save money on shipping. Their size and versatility allow a driver to carry a wide variety of materials, like lumber and other equipment, in a single trip. Fewer deliveries save a company money and also help to ensure projects are completed on time since materials are on hand for workers to use.


For professional and reliable flatbed transportations services in the St. Paul, MN, area, you can trust the team at Strategic Transportation to move items quickly and safely.

Our team understands no two businesses are alike and it is prepared to specifically tailor our services to your needs and preferences.

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